yava2python - Java to Python source code transformation

yava2python transforms Java source file to Python source file. The main application is developed in the TXL programming language.

Sample Java to Python transformations are available to see how it works.


23.03.2009 Project is now hosted at SourceForge.net (files and sources)

12.01.2009 Source code is available

26.12.2008 Windows version broken binary bug fixed

Installation and usage


OS: Linux, Windows

Important: Line feeds of input files have to correspond to your platform. E.g. <OA> for Linux. Input files should not contain unicode or other strange symbols.


yava2python project is available at:


yava2python JavaSourceFile

Conversion notes

Java 1.5 grammar used for parsing input files. In the most cases it will fail to convert a complex Java source completely and correctly. Manual fixes will be required almost always to make the output working.

In general yava2python gives better performance than java2python. Try test Java files from the package with both translators.


Unary operations ++,--

Pre- operations are converted to post- operations. E.g. ++i becomes i++.

Missing features

Methods polymorphism

Currently if you have several same name methods (except constructors) with different types you will get the same name

Many more

A lot of missing features are available

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